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There is nothing more boring than perfection. Those who live perfectly are condemned to a nightmare life, constantly dealing with the parameters of a planned existence, with mandatory choices to follow the lines which have been drawn along their path a long time ago. Perfection means getting rid of the unforeseen. On the other hand, it is exactly the unforeseen that defines our creative ability, in everything we do.

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Alcuni potrebbe pensare che il periodo duro porti con sé un certo dormiveglia anche nelle proposte di intrattenimento di una città Some people might think that winter brings a kind of sluggishness in the City entertainment proposals as well… nothing could be more wrong! Lugano was able to broaden its tourist appeal also during the cold season by proposing plenty of cultural and entertainment activities to people of all ages, with a special attention to young people and families. Lugano 8inter is demnitely a great stage where all forms of art and entertainment such as music, theatre, dance and sports will be the leading thread of the winter season programming. I wish to thank all the promoters and organizers who, with great enthusiasm, have contributed to such a rich offering. Marco Borradori Mayor of Lugano. Aggiornamenti sul programma e ulteriori informazioni su: www.

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